How to Start a Pet Photography Business

Pet photography began with people wanting to pass the time taking photos of their pets (dogs, cats, parrots, horses, turtles, etc.). This sideline converted into an emerging business and nowadays people are happy to pay to have a professional pet photographer take stunning and eye catching photos of their much adored animal friends. Today’s pet photography is a specialist business which is intended to bring a beaming smile to each and every pet owners face. This has now reached a point where specialist pet portraiture studios are springing up all over the globe.

This can be a valuable and successful business in terms of low cost (a very low investment business) and reasonable to high incomes with less effort and as a full time, part time, and home based photography practice. Keep in mind that only pet and environment lovers should pursue this style of photography business.

What are the ways to grow your pet photography business?

o A good brand camera is essential equipment for success in this industry. It may perhaps be a little expensive to start but exceptionally important.

o Establish a professional impression on the customer, with which they will feel comfortable. After all, you will be handling their beloved pet. Empathy is often required in this business. Keep in mind; finding locations is essential as well as keeping a number of special mobile backgrounds.

o If you decide on a studio, keep it fresh and clean of smells and animal odor. This will be distracting for animals and will make your shoot much harder. Also provide extra good tips on the subject of pets as part of your professional service to offer your clients.

o Compile a portfolio of your assignments (selectively) as proof of your experience and what you can create for potential new customers.

How to make good shots

Sometimes, for a few pets, a stunning photo of their best behavior will be extremely easy while as for others it can be irritatingly and indescribably frustrating. More often, the more patient you are and if you plan your shoot ahead, the outcomes are better and smoother.

A Few simple instructions to provide the most excellent output:

The best likely supply of light for pets is outdoor natural light. Try to position the pets close to a large window where you perhaps may gain some extra side lighting from reflection.

Don’t take your shots in straight sunlight too often because it can change natural colors and may remove many of the contrast levels between your highest and lowest contrasts. It may perhaps even remove some features. A bright but cloudy day is a wonderful and reliable light source.

Try to take pictures of the clients pet in a natural position. Sometimes you will need to go wherever the pets are most happy. This applies to parrots too. It could be anything sitting on the grass, lying in the driveway or the verandah. Attempt a slight angle in every shot.
Take lots of photographs from front on with an extremely sharp focused lens and with a little angle to it. This can create a good looking portrait most times.

Capture as many shots as time allows of quality expression poses. If they are generally looking pleased, try to catch that moment quickly. Embracing the moment is essential in pet photography.

The pet should be shown early in the piece that there are treats for them when they are good. Make an effort to remind them regularly of this throughout the shoot. This may be the best technique known for achieving results.

Finally, the pet photography business is a great way to earn a living if you truly like to be with animals and equally important help make pet owners happy. It just so happens that you can also attain a decent income from this business doing something you enjoy. That’s hard to beat!