How To Make Money With A Home-Based Portrait Studio

A simple home based portrait studio can be started for little money and could be your ticket to living a lifestyle most people only dream about! Think about it. What other business can be started for such a low investment in tools (camera, lights, background and props) and produce almost instant profits of $500 to $1,000 per day?

A thousand dollars per weekend is not very difficult to achieve once you know the secret of how to drum up business. Many portrait photographers earn over $1,000 per day working part time hours and it’s not as hard to do as you may think. Many amateur photographers often consistently produce images far superior to those taken by the big national portrait studios but feel they can’t compete on price or afford to advertise for business.

If you want to make your living as a self-employed portrait photographer all you need to get started making money is a 35mm film or digital camera and one good strobe light. You can set up a portable portrait studio in the comfort of your own living room or take your camera and lights on location to your customer’s home. Because you won’t have the high overhead expenses that most of your competitors do you’ll be able to offer your clients fair prices and still make really good part time or full time income.

Here is what most professional photographers do to get business. They print up and distribute their business cards and brochures. They put up portrait displays in shopping malls and restaurants.

They advertise in the yellow pages and local newspapers. They sponsor photo contests and they do direct mail. They hold portrait parties and canvass public and private schools, dance studios, pre-schools along with offering to shoot portrait fund raisers for clubs, churches and other non profit organizations. They put up websites to showcase their best images. They send out a monthly newsletter to anyone who has expressed an interest in their business and they attend seminars or workshops to better their skills every chance they get.

It’s a fact that many great photographers just like many great artists; often fail in business because they fail to drum up clients. They know how to capture beautiful expressions and create very artistic prints but they do not know how to market a photography business. They love photography and will practice their craft to sharpen their picture taking skills but fail to make any real money because they neglect to learn how to effectively market their photographic skills.

Many great photographers end up working for someone else’s studio. They’ll just keep clicking away working for peanuts while dreaming of a better lifestyle that a home based studio of their own can produce. All a photographer really needs to live his or hers dream and enjoy a better lifestyle earning full time pay working part time hours is to invest in some tools of the trade and learn how to inexpensively market and sell their home based photo studio. Creating saleable portraits of people and pets is not rocket science. It’s not that hard to learn provided you are passionate about photography and marketing.